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Getting Started with Appium

Getting started with Appium If you’re at the beginning of your software testing journey, Appium could be the right step towards gaining new mobile app automation testing skills. With web and mobile applications becoming a necessity in our day-to-day lifestyle, we find ourselves looking for a particular app for everything we do without realizing it....... Read More

A comparison between Selenium and Cypress

So what are web testing tools? Website automate software testing has become more and more useful in recent years, as testers are looking for faster and more efficient ways for users to interact with web applications. To someone with no web development knowledge, browsers may appear to be a simple tool we use every day,...... Read More

Getting Started with Selenium

If you’re at the start of your software testing journey, a beginner’s guide to Selenium could be the right step towards gaining new skills to kickstart your career.  As you gradually learn new terms such as Java and C# (object-oriented languages used in programming), you will notice the concept of automation testing – specifically Selenium...... Read More

Is Manual Testing Dying?

You can't think of the future of software testing without asking yourself ‘is manual testing dying?’. In this article, we’ll compare the two main branches of testing: manual and automation, and leave the facts to speak for themselves.... Read More

Protractor Quick Guide

Initial Setup In our case, following the Protractor’s guide didn’t help us out too much when it came to starting an automation project.  So, we thought we’d help other people by filling in the gaps we noticed. Before you start using protractor, make sure all the dependencies have been installed correctly. To do that, use this command...... Read More