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STLC – Software Testing Life Cycle

Software testing is a process which includes many different activities; test execution (including checking of results) is only one of these activities. The test process also includes activities such as test planning, analysing, designing, and implementing tests, reporting test progress... Read More

File searching in the terminal

Finding the right information on time can be a challenge when working with large files in the terminal. Especially log files, which contain lots of details about the activity of a system. Luckily, there are also lots of file searching... Read More

A QA’er cheatsheet when trying out a new feature

We have prepared a list of things that, in our opinion, must be checked out when trying a new feature. Most importantly, you need to validate that the newly added feature integrates well with the existing system. Most of the... Read More

QA morning routine

Any good QA engineer is a well-organized person who has everything established clearly in order to be as work-efficient as possible. From our experience, some things have proven to be essential at the beginning of every workday in order to... Read More