Software testing comes with new challenges every month.

QA companies must stay up-to-date with new issues as testers must thoroughly evaluate and report each bug to the developing team. 

BUG #1: Emails sent limit   

Project context: A software system that manually triggers an automated system email job. It sends a large number of emails to users who meet the requirements, while the rest of the users are not supposed to receive any emails.

Issue: The software testing team began the testing process by selecting a time frame to find as many eligible users as possible. The first batch of 50 emails registered a time lag of up to one minute, while the second batch of 300 emails was sent immediately. 

Initially, the software testers established that the issue was unrelated to the number of emails sent. Still, the lag persisted regardless of the number of qualified user emails sent in a batch. Plus, once the number of emails reached 1800, they no longer appeared in the inbox.

During the reproduction phase, despite no hints found within the logs, approximately 500 emails could be sent in one batch to ensure that every email within that batch reached the intended user. 

BUG #2: Performative limits on sent reports

Project Context: An administrative mobile app used to check the condition of multiple sclerosis patients. Research clinics can use the data stored on the patients to aid their recovery. In contrast, the patients can send a report with detailed symptoms and additional information on their present condition, particularly in case of relapse. 

Issue: Our testers discovered that the IDs used for each body part in the release report did not correspond with the database expectation, resulting in incorrect data being sent to the backend.

Because of this bug, whenever a patient sends a report on a relapse, the web portal shows incorrect report results, as some IDs were not appropriately implemented on FE.

Testing this functionality is difficult because of the configuration limit – patients can send only one report every 30 days. Therefore, a new test user is required each time the action is performed. 

BUG #3: Falsely confirmed user registration

Project Context: An online platform adopted a new method of verifying and approving user registrations. When new members of certain domains or companies are registered, the registration requires approval by the SEG.

Issue: During login trials, the QA team discovered that new users were redirected to a separate page. It informed them that the account was not activated by registration alone and they could request an activation link. 

The bug occurred when the user clicked on the activation link, which allowed them to log in even if the SEG did not approve it yet, or denied the request. As a solution, the new user was redirected to a separate page informing them that the registration request was still pending. 

BUG #4: Video Clips not displayed on Android

Project context: An application that functions as a baby monitoring camera with a feature that can record videos when an event is triggered. These events consist of sudden movements, sounds above the threshold chosen by the user, and crying.

Whenever an event gets triggered, the user should get a notification and a recording of it in their child’s profile. 

Issue:  When the QA team performed tests on iOS and Android devices, they discovered that users who owned an Android device received the notification of a triggered event, but on a closer inspection, testers found out that the videos were not displayed on the profile page. 

Switching to iOS, the user received the notification while using the same account and could play the videos. However, this bug could not be reproduced entirely; removing the recording option and enabling it again allowed the missing clips to display on the Android device. 

After more in-depth testing, the testers discovered that the Android devices received incorrect IDs for videos, resulting in the display error when events were triggered, but no recording was found. 

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