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Top technology predictions 2021 (published in CIOApplications)

2020 has been challenging and unpredictable, to say the least. It has forced people, businesses, and governments to adapt and keep everybody safe while still managing to thrive.  Despite that, 2020 has proven to be fruitful for many tech start-ups. We’ve seen how eager investors are to pour money into anything with the keywords ‘digital’,...... Read More

How to Use Code Smells to Fix Flaky Cypress Tests

We recently attended the webinar event hosted by Cypress on how to use code smells to fix flaky Cypress tests. This is where we gathered solid knowledge on how to improve our testing scripts. More specifically, we do it by avoiding a series of common mistakes, which would usually lead to <Flaky Tests>.  As a...... Read More

Challenges of Mobile Application Testing?

In the mobile world, many challenges are uncommon or uncritical in desktop or server software. Testers must be aware of these challenges and how they might impact the success of the application. Typical challenges in the mobile world include: Multiple platforms and device fragmentation: Multiple OS types and versions, screen sizes, and display quality.  Hardware...... Read More