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Bugs of the month: August

When it comes to software testing, whether it’s automated or manual, testers should look for the most appropriate solutions for each bug found. Another month has passed, and we return with a new entry in our Bugs of the month series. BUG #1: Double progress registered Project context: An online platform that includes a learning...... Read More

Bugs of the month: July

Software testing comes with new challenges every month QA companies must stay up-to-date with new issues as testers must thoroughly evaluate and report each bug to the developing team.  BUG #1: Emails sent limit    Project context: A software system that manually triggers an automated system email job. It sends a large number of emails to...... Read More

Bug Priority vs. Severity Levels – How to Identify Them

Here’s a good practice for ticket workflow – add priority and severity levels. Bug Priority vs. Severity Levels Although they’re connected, it’s important to note the differences between them.  Who sets the priority of the bug?  Stakeholders, project managers, the product owner, or the client. This helps prioritize the workflow based on the business needs.  Who’s responsible for adding...... Read More

How to Add a Bug

One of the most important roles of a QA tester, among other things, is to find problems within the software that's being tested and report them to be fixed. This means that reporting a bug correctly is essential to its removal and improving the overall experience... Read More