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Mobile testing: Simulator and Emulator

Mobile testing is a challenging task, especially if you have lots of different devices to take into consideration. For this reason, a few android emulators and iOS simulators allow you to test your app quickly before publishing it – this is vital if you need fast results. Just as the process implies, a mobile device...... Read More

How to properly onboard a remote software testing team on your software development project

Many companies outsource their software development projects in today’s world, where technology is advancing at light speed. Over 70% of the world’s largest companies outsource their testing work.  A large community of software testers could help your business grow by bringing valuable insights into your product development process. Naturally, ensuring a great relationship with your...... Read More

Positive & Negative Testing

The main objectives of software testing are to check and validate that the software product works as intended and to enhance the software’s quality. The two major types of software testing are functional and non-functional testing. Positive and negative testing go under functional testing.  These testing approaches have their main features and functionalities and play...... Read More

Getting Started with Security Testing

Getting Started with Security Testing While learning about software testing, you will discover several ways of performing tests on a piece of software – for example, accessibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, regression testing, security testing, etc. Each type ensures that the software functions properly before being released to users. What is Security Testing Security...... Read More

Getting Started with Appium

Getting started with Appium If you’re at the beginning of your software testing journey, Appium could be the right step towards gaining new mobile app automation testing skills. With web and mobile applications becoming a necessity in our day-to-day lifestyle, we find ourselves looking for a particular app for everything we do without realizing it....... Read More

Getting Started With API Testing

If you are a junior looking to enhance your skills or a more experienced tester looking to revise your knowledge, you came to the right place.  This article will present what API testing is, what tools you can use, and how to get started with it. What Is API? Firstly, API is an acronym for...... Read More

Getting Started with Selenium

If you’re at the start of your software testing journey, a beginner’s guide to Selenium could be the right step towards gaining new skills to kickstart your career.  As you gradually learn new terms such as Java and C# (object-oriented languages used in programming), you will notice the concept of automation testing – specifically Selenium...... Read More