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Introduction to Charles Proxy on MacOS

Charles is a fast and powerful recording tool to use in order to inspect and analyze requests that are made from or to your computer, over the internet. Providing a number of important features, I’ll quickly describe below some of... Read More

Benefits of test independence within a project

Testing tasks may be done by people in a specific testing role, or by people in another role (e.g., customers). A certain degree of independence often makes the tester more effective at finding defects due to differences between the author’s... Read More

Practical Audio Testing

How to create audio files with different specifications One of the most basic methods to create audio files with different bit depths, sample rates and bit rates is by converting a high-quality track into different file formats with particular characteristics.... Read More

Theoretical Audio Testing

Audio applications are very common nowadays and represent a significant part of our lives. Audio apps have their own specifications which have to be tested thoroughly and must work flawlessly to ensure an excellent user experience.  In this article we... Read More

Introduction to Postman

Introduction This post has been created to provide a short and comprehensive guide on how to use Postman. Without this tool, a QA might not be able to live long and prosper during the troubled times a Sprint could lead... Read More

Bug priority vs severity levels. How to correctly identify a bug severity?

A good practice for companies to schedule the ordering of the tickets workflow is by adding priority and severity levels. Priority and Severity differences Even though they can be frequently intertwined, there is a difference between the priority and severity... Read More

Managing your local git repository, from the QA’s prespective

How to rebase or clean your local branches Rebasing your branches To rebase a branch means to update the branch with the latest code from the master branch, so you can be sure that you are never testing an outdated... Read More

Jira Workflow example

This post has been created to present how a good working JIRA workflow can be used for an Agile based project for a numerous team. Obviously, these are subjective to each project, but this is one example that proved to... Read More

Angular CLI, Local Branch Compiling for Mac users

This method of compiling is used for Web projects based on Angular CLI. It is using the WiFi router’s IP address in order to access a specific branch with any device connected to it. We all have been in a... Read More

How to add a bug

One of the most important roles of a QA tester, among other things, is to find problems within the software that's being tested and report them to be fixed. This means that reporting a bug correctly is essential to its... Read More