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Testing: Web Apps versus Mobile Apps

Software testing services have changed since websites are no longer the main attraction on the internet. As the years went by, QA testing services started focusing on web apps since they’re ready to use across multiple devices, not just the average computer.  Web apps are websites turned into applications, accessible using browsers without prior downloading....... Read More

The Importance of Localization Testing

ローカリゼーションテストは、ソフトウェアと ウェブサイトのローカリゼーションプロセスの重要な部分です. このプロセスは、ソフトウェアとウェブサイトが別の言語と地域にローカライズされている場合に発生します. ローカリゼーションテスターは、製品のテストを実行して、新しいユーザーが利用できるようにします。 Oh, we were talking about localization testing, of course!  Not sure if you understood what we were saying so far. What is Localization Testing? Localization testing is an important part of the software and website localization process. The process occurs when software and websites are localized in another language or region....... Read More

Challenges of Mobile Application Testing?

In the mobile world, many challenges are uncommon or uncritical in desktop or server software. Testers must be aware of these challenges and how they might impact the success of the application. Typical challenges in the mobile world include: Multiple platforms and device fragmentation: Multiple OS types and versions, screen sizes, and display quality.  Hardware...... Read More