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Testing Behind The Scenes – Digital Health Platform

The digital health industry is transforming neuroscience through digital biomarkers. These digital biomarkers are establishing a new standard for both pharmacological research and clinical practice.  This week we talk about our manual software testing services to get a closer look at the internal process of a digital health platform project.  What is a digital health...... Read More

Bugs of the month: May

While you can find a lot of information on the most common types of bugs on the internet, we decided to ask our testers about the interesting and out-of-the-ordinary ones.  Although not all of them are project-specific, the context might make you more curious about the issues. Several bugs were easy fixes but nonetheless intriguing...... Read More

Testing Behind The Scenes – Smart Data Integration Project

What is a data integration platform? A data integration platform allows IT professionals to bring together data from multiple sources and provide a comprehensive, precise, and up-to-date dataset for BI, data analysis, and other applications and business processes.  A Smart Data Integration platform creates solutions customizable for each business. It is used to simplify and...... Read More

Time-wasters in the QA Process

The testing life cycle involves time-consuming, complex processes, so tech teams are constantly working together to smooth out the process and get rid of any time-wasters. We’ve compiled a list of factors that might help you cut the dead ends.  Incomplete Documentation The main factor that slows QAs down is the lack of proper documentation...... Read More

Employee Spotlights 02: Flaviu Sălăgean, QA Engineer & Talented Guitarist in his Free Time!

It’s time for another employee spotlight: let’s talk about Flaviu Sălăgean! Having a head start in tech as a UI/UX designer, Flaviu Salagean quickly became one of the most valued testers at our company. Although not in his plan originally, he is now one of the very skilled QA Engineers working at BetterQA, all because...... Read More

BetterQA joins the top 7% at!

We are proud to announce that we have successfully been verified as vendors! That means we are now part of an exclusive community of software engineering professionals where transparency and quality are the only way in. To begin with, here’s how it happened and what the verification process means for our company moving forward....... Read More

Testing Behind the Scenes – Global Trade Project

We’ve just started working on a global trade project, and we’re excited to tell you all about it! But first, let’s go through the basics. Software testing for a Global Trade project Global trade software appeared as a response to the industry’s need to improve outdated processes in lifecycle management. The main factors that called...... Read More