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The Importance of Localization Testing

ローカリゼーションテストは、ソフトウェアと ウェブサイトのローカリゼーションプロセスの重要な部分です. このプロセスは、ソフトウェアとウェブサイトが別の言語と地域にローカライズされている場合に発生します. ローカリゼーションテスターは、製品のテストを実行して、新しいユーザーが利用できるようにします。 Oh, we were talking about localization testing, of course!  Not sure if you understood what we were saying so far. What is Localization Testing? Localization testing is an important part of the software and website localization process. The process occurs when software and websites are localized in another language or region....... Read More

Cheat Sheet Guide for QA: File Upload Testing in 11 steps

The file upload feature is becoming a more and more essential part of any program. That’s because, on many platforms, users usually need to upload their photo, CV, or a video showcasing a project they are working on. But what can we as testers do if they don’t upload what the product owner requested when...... Read More

Testing Behind The Scenes – Crypto Wallet Project

Blockchain technology testing Blockchain technology became more mainstream a couple of years ago. However, not a lot of testers have the experience of working on a crypto wallet project. This morning we had a chat with one of our manual testers in order to get a closer look at the software application testing process on...... Read More

QA Cheatsheet

Our QA cheatsheet is a must-read before trying out a new feature.  Before we start, validate that the newly added feature integrates well with the existing system.  Most times, developers don’t know the entire product as well as a QA (who investigated it thoroughly). There will be a lot of edge case bugs if you do some...... Read More