Meet our Team

BetterQA is incorporated in Romania, in full compliance with EU law, headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, a multicultural city hosting a vibrant IT community nicknamed “The Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe”.

The team currently counts 50+ people, enjoying a wide diversity in terms of ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, and age.

Tudor Brad
Director of Quality Assurance
    7 1
    Flaviu Sălăgean
    QA Engineer - Manual
      Sergiu Olpretean
      QA Manager
        5 1
        Camelia Sfîrlea
        Marketing Analyst
          Bianca Iancu
          QA Enginner - Team Lead
            Roxana Faur
            Recruiter / Marketing Analyst
              Georgiana Tomuța
              HR / Marketing Analyst
                4 1
                Alex Boda
                QA Engineer