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Mobile Testing iOS vs. Android

For years, companies and people have gravitated towards mobile devices for their online activities. With this growing trend, software development companies have adopted a mobile-first approach. Software testing has also taken a turn because of the growing mobile-centered market.  The testing procedures of Apple and Android are often different. In this article, we will compare...... Read More

Employee Spotlight 09 Marian Lazar

What is your role at BetterQA? My role here is as a quality assurance engineer, and I’m currently working on two projects. On the second project, I mainly help and train my junior colleagues.  Before BetterQA, what previous jobs did you have? My family owns a farm, so most of my free or non-school-related time...... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Camelia Sfîrlea

What is your role at BetterQA? I work as a Marketing Analyst. My responsibilities vary from doing Lead Generation searches to writing technical articles for junior testers and assisting with our LinkedIn. Whenever I have some time to spear, I help my colleagues from the HR department with headhunting. Before BetterQA, what previous jobs did...... Read More

Employee Spotlights 01: Bianca Iancu

Walking in the Shoes of Bianca Iancu for a Day Our team is our strongest suit! It’s about time you get to know it through a new series of posts on our blog: employee spotlights! The first one to go is one of our QA Engineers, Bianca Iancu! Bianca joined us right after finishing her...... Read More

How has #WFH been treating you so far?

Working from home came with a lot of flexibility – alluring at first, but it quickly becomes a problem once a lack of a strict schedule interferes with your productivity. Has this been the case for you? We’ve been working remotely long before the pandemic, so we know a thing or two about self-discipline. However,...... Read More

Top technology predictions 2021 (published in CIOApplications)

2020 has been challenging and unpredictable, to say the least. It has forced people, businesses, and governments to adapt and keep everybody safe while still managing to thrive.  Despite that, 2020 has proven to be fruitful for many tech start-ups. We’ve seen how eager investors are to pour money into anything with the keywords ‘digital’,...... Read More