Why is testing necessary?

We strive to do more than just mindless testing. 

Our goal is for our team to become the binding force between development, business analysts, and stakeholders.

We are focusing on the processes to achieve the required quality by working to prevent defects.

Saves Time & Money

Repairing an error in staging can take up to 150 times longer than fixing one in the design phase.


It prevents data leaks and increases security against hacking attacks.

Increases confidence

Thanks to the software’s high quality, confidence in the work being developed increases.

Prevents Breakdowns

Save on costly repair and maintenance work for future application development.

Working with BetterQA is a partnership.

Dedicated support, seamless feedback, and incredibly passionate testers will keep your developers and customers happy.

Our services

mobile testing
Mobile Testing

Compared to desktop or server software environments, mobile testing brings out many additional issues that challenge our perspective on quality assurance, which makes them very special to us.

web testing
wEB Testing

Be it healthcare, fin-tech, gambling, or stock exchange platforms, web-based application testing is what we dostarting from product usability to understanding how each component integrates with the system.

api testing

Are you tired of repeating the same Quality Assurance manual tests every day? We can jump in at any stage of your automating process because we know how to do UI test automation that fits a particular project.

Benefits Of working with us


You can rely entirely on us to be the one provider to care for all your QA needs. 

This is more likely to happen with a specialized QA consulting company than a software development firm.



Failing to find a bug the first time only means that they need to execute the extra creativity tests. 

Our testers believe in defects and don’t accept that bugs are fixed unless they have proof. 


No more hassle hiring and training testers.
This assures discipline within the development team.

People are always more careful when they know somebody will review their work.


We align our quality goals with the customers. The SLAs are decided between us. 

Plus, you get a fair assessment of the quality of the code. The metrics, data, and reports are relevant, honest, and unbiased.

Get Testers & Developers Together

Good testers have a broader knowledge of the application’s regression history than a developer. 

They are familiar with all the system’s nuances and are proficient at testing. 

Business Value Of Testing

Excessive testing results in unjustifiable delays and unnecessary costs. If too little testing is done, users will receive a faulty product.

Finding the right balance between the two extremes is key to making testing valuable for your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A human being can make an error that produces a defect in the program code. If that defect is executed, the system may fail to do what it should do (or do something it shouldn’t), causing a failure. Defects occur because human beings are fallible. There is time pressure, complex code, the complexity of infrastructure, changing technologies, and many system interactions.

Failures can be caused by environmental conditions as well – radiation, magnetism, electronic fields, and pollution can cause faults in firmware or influence software execution by changing the hardware conditions.

QA is a proactive process that works out ways to prevent possible bugs in the process of software development. QA is integrated with the software development lifecycle (SDLC), requiring the whole project team to be involved including Stakeholders, Business Analysts, Developers and Testers. The QA process helps to improve the productivity of the project team by specifying and establishing the requirements for both software development process and quality standards.

The main focus of QC is to validate that the product meets the specifications and requirements of the customer. If an issue or problem is identified, it must be fixed before the product is delivered to the customer. It is a reactive process that helps to confirm that the product works as expected.

Software testing is introduced at the end of the development process to ensure quality control. Testing involves validating the product against specifications and customer requirements, as well as finding and reporting defects. It includes various testing techniques such as functionalnon-functional, and acceptance testing to detect software issues. Besides, the software testing goal is also to ensure that the detected defects are fully fixed without any side effects before the product is released to the customer.

We are an independent QA consulting company. This allows us to provide unbiased quality status reports to stakeholders without concealing some of the product problems at the request of the dev manager. We focus on the processes to achieve the best quality by preventing defects.

Working with independent software testing companies brings benefits such as unbiased results, broader knowledge and experience, and impartiality. 

How to decide when to choose an outsourcing QA testing services company?

A few factors are involved in deciding where to outsource your project — quality of work, costs, timelines, industry standards, and compliance, among others. 

We recommend outsourcing a QA testing services company with relevant technical expertise and experience. 

Book a meeting with our professionals to learn more about our approach towards outsourcing and see if we can help you with your project.

Why should you choose BetterQA as your QA testing services company?

Our goal is for our team to become the binding force between development, business analysts, and stakeholders. We are focusing on the processes to achieve the required quality by working to prevent defects.

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