Joining the ranks of the forward-thinking tech community, BetterQA has recently become a member of the Montana High Tech Business Alliance (MHTBA), a move poised to amplify our influence and expertise within Montana’s thriving high-tech sector. This strategic alliance places us at the heart of innovation, where our vision for proactive quality assurance aligns with the MHTBA’s drive for a robust tech ecosystem.

This membership marks a significant milestone for BetterQA as we integrate our defect-prevention ethos with the vibrant dynamism of the local tech scene. It’s a commitment to actively contribute to the region’s tech prosperity, engaging in MHTBA’s initiatives that range from mentorship to policy advocacy.

With our sights set on collaborative growth, BetterQA’s role within the MHTBA will not only leverage invaluable insights but also infuse the community with our in-depth QA knowledge. Together, we’re forging a path toward a future where technology and quality assurance converge to propel Montana’s high-tech industry to new heights.

Why MHTBA? Why Now?

For a start, the MHTBA isn’t just any organization—it’s a beacon for companies like ours, committed to responsible and sustainable growth in Montana’s dynamic high-tech industry. The values of MHTBA align seamlessly with our mission to serve as a linchpin connecting developers, business analysts, and, yes, even stakeholders when stars align.

By embracing MHTBA’s network of high-octane tech professionals, we’re stepping into a realm of potent collaboration and mentorship. The MHTBA’s education and training programs are incubators for tech talent, aligning with our relentless pursuit of quality and innovation in software testing.

Networking with a Purpose

Imagine the kind of sparks that fly when tech experts mingle. As BetterQA taps into MHTBA’s extensive network, we’re looking at potential partnerships that could redefine quality assurance. Think cutting-edge, independent software testing services joining forces with innovators across the high-tech spectrum. It’s not just networking—it’s building alliances that could lead to the next big tech breakthrough.

A Treasure Trove of Resources

Data, insights, and training—these are the MHTBA offerings that can help us refine our strategies and enhance our services. With access to targeted research and tailored educational programs, our team is poised to stay ahead of industry trends, keeping our toolkits sharp and our minds sharper.

Recognition and Advocacy

Let’s talk visibility. Our MHTBA membership is a megaphone, amplifying our narrative across Montana’s tech landscape. It’s about showcasing our brand, our commitment to preventing defects rather than just spotting them, and our fresh take on quality assurance.

What about having a voice in the policies shaping Montana’s high-tech future? It’s advocacy on another level. As MHTBA champions policies that foster innovation and investment, BetterQA will be right there, advocating for a business climate that values quality and sustainable tech growth.

Real Benefits, Tangible Outcomes

Being part of MHTBA offers several advantage points to BetterQA, and most importantly, it is about leveraging this partnership to:

  • Forge new collaborations that could change the software testing landscape.
  • Harness cutting-edge research to fuel data-driven decisions.
  • Train our crew with the best of the best, keeping us on the cusp of industry evolution.
  • Elevate our brand, attracting clients who value rigorous, independent QA.
  • Influence the policies that will shape the high-tech industry for years to come.


With the MHTBA by our side, we’re not just growing; we’re thriving in an ecosystem rich with possibility.

Here’s to the journey ahead—where high-tech meets high-quality assurance and where BetterQA writes its next chapter amidst Montana’s high-tech alliance.

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