In the intricate world of software development, Quality Assurance (QA) stands as the beacon of excellence, ensuring that products surpass user expectations. Amidst deadlines and the thrust for innovation, QA teams often encounter statements undermining their pivotal role. This article debunks four common  QA myths, highlighting the indispensable nature of QA in the software development lifecycle.

1. qA Myth #1: "Your Tests Are Failing and Blocking the Release"

Why People Say This?

In the fast-paced realm of software development, the phrase “Your tests are failing and blocking the release” is a common refrain under the pressure to deploy swiftly. This casts QA as an antagonist, perceived as delaying product launch.

The Problem

This view underestimates QA’s contribution, overlooking how test failures signal potential user experience impairments or dangers. Addressing these issues pre-release prevents customer dissatisfaction and costly post-release fixes.

Understanding Needed

A paradigm shift is necessary, recognizing QA as a crucial ally in striving for excellence. It’s vital to see QA as an integral component of development, enhancing product integrity and market success.

2. QA Myth #2: "Come On, The User Is Not An Idiot"

Why People Say This?

Asserting “Come on, the user is not an idiot” stems from confidence in the product’s intuitiveness, neglecting the diverse user interaction ways.

The Problem

This overlooks the vast spectrum of user backgrounds, risking products being inaccessible or frustrating for many. Ignoring this diversity limits product reach and user satisfaction.

The Role of QA

QA plays a critical role in ensuring products are intuitive and accessible, testing for a wide range of real-world scenarios. It helps refine the product for a broad user spectrum.

Understanding Needed

Acknowledging “user error” often points to design flaws, emphasizing the importance of empathetic design and testing. This approach fosters products that resonate deeply with users.

3. QA Myth #3 "We Can Only Test This in Production"

Why People Say This?

The belief that true insights can only be gained in production arises from the challenge of replicating real-world scenarios.

The Problem

Exclusive production testing risks exposing users to live outages and vulnerabilities, underestimating the complexity of troubleshooting in such environments.

Advanced QA Methodologies and Tools

Modern QA tools enable the simulation of production environments, allowing for thorough pre-release testing. This reduces risks and enhances software quality.

Understanding Needed

Investing in testing environments that mimic production pays off by reducing post-release risks and supporting agile development. It shifts the perspective towards proactive QA.

4. QA Myth #4: "This Is an Edge Case"

Why People Say This?

Labeling scenarios as “edge cases” prioritizes common use cases, assuming optimizing for the majority suffices for product success.

The Problem

Dismissing edge cases can lead to significant, unexpected challenges, affecting user confidence and the product’s reliability.

Thorough Testing of Edge Cases

Testing edge cases demonstrates a commitment to product excellence, ensuring resilience and enhancing functionality.

Understanding Needed

A cultural shift is needed to value testing edge cases, investing in comprehensive QA to create reliable, user-centric software.


Quality Assurance is a cornerstone of successful software development, not just a checkpoint. By debunking common myths, we emphasize QA’s role in delivering refined, resilient products. BetterQA advocates for a proactive, integrated approach to quality assurance, ensuring products meet the high standards expected by users and the market alike.

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