CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA—Making a significant stride towards global recognition and adherence to the highest standards of quality assurance in software development, Better Quality Assurance Srl. (BetterQA), headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is proud to announce its recent approval as an official service provider by the NATO Communications and Information Agency.

This achievement underscores BetterQA’s commitment to delivering superior quality assurance services and its capacity to meet the rigorous demands of international and defense-related software projects. The NCI Agency’s approval is a testimony to BetterQA’s expertise in quality assurance and its dedication to ensuring software reliability, security, and efficiency that align with the strategic objectives of one of the world’s most formidable defense alliances.

A Milestone of Strategic Importance

The recognition marks a milestone in BetterQA’s journey, reflecting the company’s ongoing efforts to align with international standards and collaborate with organizations that value the utmost in software quality and security. “Being approved as a service provider by NATO’s Communications and Information Agency is a significant honor and responsibility that we take with maximum seriousness,” said Tudor Brad, Managing Director of BetterQA. “It’s a recognition of our team’s hard work, expertise, and relentless pursuit of excellence in software quality assurance.”

Expanding Horizons with NATO Communications and Information Agency

BetterQA’s inclusion as an NCI Agency-approved service provider opens new avenues for collaboration on defense-related projects, where the stakes for software quality and security are exceptionally high. This approval enhances BetterQA’s credibility on the global stage and provides an opportunity to contribute to projects critical to international security and technological advancement.

Looking Ahead

With this approval marking a significant milestone, BetterQA is poised to expand its service offerings into more complex and security-sensitive projects. “This approval is not just a recognition of our past achievements but also a door to future opportunities where our quality assurance expertise can contribute to projects of critical importance,” stated Tudor Brad, Managing Director of BetterQA. “We are fully committed to upholding the high standards of quality and security expected from any NCI Agency-approved service providers.”

BetterQA’s achievement is a testimony to its leadership in software quality assurance and its readiness to meet the challenges of ensuring software reliability and security on a global scale. As the company looks to the future, it remains dedicated to advancing its mission through strategic partnerships and a constant commitment to excellence in every project it undertakes.

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