As a company wholly dedicated to Quality Assurance (QA), we appreciate its pivotal role in shaping an optimal product experience for customers. We advocate for Quality Assurance at every stage of the development cycle to forestall potential issues that can harm the user experience.

In this article, we present a case study exploring how unforeseen cloud olatform challenges can lead to user dissatisfaction, the solutions quick solutions offered by providers that place the blame on user choices instead, and how quality assurance can overcome these challenges


Our team at BetterQA has recently had the opportunity to work with a healthcare services provider. Its digital platform was mainly used by users to schedule medical appointments, among other functions. Regrettably, we encountered several challenges while testing this core function of the application.

One notable difficulty was the inability to access invoices. When this issue was raised with their IT team, we were informed that the problem might be due to the antivirus we have chosen to use. As a quick solution, they suggested reaching out to the antivirus provider to resolve the issue.

The Complexities of Customer Support vs Quality Assurance

The proposed resolution illustrates a common challenge in the field of customer support. It can be tempting for the customer support team to attribute a problem to third-party software, especially when it is hard to diagnose. However, this approach can lead to customer frustration, as it transfers responsibility for resolving the problem onto the customer rather than searching for a way to solve the issue internally.

Does this mean the customer is expected to contact other service providers for an issue they encountered on a specific platform? Ideally, this should not be the case, as the service provider might risk losing its users to competitors. Let’s take a look at a more user-friendly approach to the present case.

First, we will clarify that while this case might not represent a disregard for customer support, it does underscore the need for an approach that emphasizes problem ownership and resolution. There are better ways to ensure customer satisfaction than relying on the user to solve issues that could be addressed internally. And this is where QA comes in handy:

What is the role of QA in this challenge?

Quality Assurance isn’t solely about locating bugs—it’s about ensuring the product or application is user-friendly and works flawlessly. At BetterQA, we maintain that the most effective strategy to prevent such situations is to identify these issues during the QA process before the product reaches the end user.

Had a more comprehensive QA process been in place, the issues we encountered on this platform could have been detected and addressed before impacting the user experience. QA is not only about ensuring that a product performs; it’s about guaranteeing it works as the user anticipates it to, no matter what platform or antivirus software they use.

Effective QA keeps the user experience at the forefront, leading to happier customers, fewer complaints, and a product that fulfills its promises.

In Conclusion

In today’s digital landscape, customers anticipate an effortless user experience. The focus is on companies providing users with various services that improve their quality of life, involving not only responsive customer support but also meticulous QA testing.

At BetterQA, we’re prepared to assist companies in circumventing these challenges. As a specialized QA company, we’re committed to delivering superior services to enhance software quality and, as a result, the user experience.

We welcome companies facing similar obstacles to contact us. Together, we can ensure your product not only functions as intended but delights your users at every interaction. 

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