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How to Test APIs: QA Guideline

In this guide, we will cover how to test APIs or the Back-End side from a QA perspective. We believe that API testing is a crucial part of the SDLC, and it should not be forgotten. This type of testing can be one of the most challenging parts of testing because APIs can be complicated....... Read More

Cheat Sheet Guide for QA: File Upload Testing in 11 steps

The file upload feature is becoming a more and more essential part of any program. That’s because, on many platforms, users usually need to upload their photo, CV, or a video showcasing a project they are working on. But what can we as testers do if they don’t upload what the product owner requested when...... Read More

Cheat Sheet Guide for QA: Response Times and Loading Indicators

You’ve probably found out already that we like to be tech-savvy and that we love statistics, response times, and loading indicators. Why? Because all of these items are some of the most important sources that inspire us to defy more limits. Having something palpable to show and share in a Feature Planning discussion is definitely...... Read More

QA Cheatsheet

Our QA cheatsheet is a must-read before trying out a new feature.  Before we start, validate that the newly added feature integrates well with the existing system.  Most times, developers don’t know the entire product as well as a QA (who investigated it thoroughly). There will be a lot of edge case bugs if you do some...... Read More

QA Morning Routine

To be successful, a QA engineer has no choice but to be a well-organized person. Everything must be structured clearly so their QA work can be as efficient as humanly possible. From our experience, some habits have proven to be essential in giving the best results possible. We’ve compiled a quick To-Do list every QA...... Read More