Test Policy

Test Policy

The test policy describes why an organization tests. It defines the overall objectives for testing that an organization wants to achieve. This policy will be developed by our test management staff in collaboration with senior managers for the testing stakeholder groups.

In some cases, the test policy will be complementary to or a component of a broader quality policy. This quality policy describes the overall values and goals of management related to quality.

Where a written test policy exists, it may be a short, high-level document that:

  • Summarizes the value that an organization derives from testing
  • Defines the objectives of testing, such as building confidence in the software, detecting defects in the software, and reducing the level of quality risk
  • Describes how to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of testing in meeting these objectives
  • Outlines the typical test process, perhaps using the ISTQB fundamental test process as a basis
  • Specifies how the organization will improve its test processes

The test policy should address test activities for new development as well as for maintenance. It may also reference internal and/or external standards for the testing work products and terminology to be used throughout the organization.