Local Branch Compiling

  1. First, the project needs to be cloned locally. For this, use the “git clone” command in the terminal and add the project link (git clone + link);
  2. After the project is cloned, access the project folder in the terminal and using the command “git checkout” + the desired branch, access the local branch;
  3. Before serving the branch you need to find the Wifi router IP address. This can be found in the System Preferences/Network/Advanced/”TCP/IP”/IPv4 Address.
  4. The project environment api needs to be changed with the fallowing api: https://IPv4 Address:4200/api (The environment api location depends on the project);
  5. Compile the branch using the fallowing command: “ng serve –host IPv4 Address –port 4200 –ssl”
  6. After the branch is compiled successfully, this branch can be accessed by any device that is connected to the same Wifi router. In the browser add the URL: https://IPv4 Address:4200/api

    Note: After entering the above URL an error “Your connection is not private” will be showing. Use the Advanced button to proceed to the entered URL.


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