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Mobile testing: Simulator and Emulator

Mobile testing is a challenging task, especially if you have lots of different devices to take into consideration. For this reason, a few android emulators and iOS simulators allow you to test your app quickly before publishing it – this is vital if you need fast results. Just as the process implies, a mobile device...... Read More

Mobile Testing iOS vs. Android

For years, companies and people have gravitated towards mobile devices for their online activities. With this growing trend, software development companies have adopted a mobile-first approach. Software testing has also taken a turn because of the growing mobile-centered market.  The testing procedures of Apple and Android are often different. In this article, we will compare...... Read More

Testing: Web Apps versus Mobile Apps

Software testing services have changed since websites are no longer the main attraction on the internet. As the years went by, QA testing services started focusing on web apps since they’re ready to use across multiple devices, not just the average computer.  Web apps are websites turned into applications, accessible using browsers without prior downloading....... Read More

Employee Spotlight 09 Marian Lazar

What is your role at BetterQA? My role here is as a quality assurance engineer, and I’m currently working on two projects. On the second project, I mainly help and train my junior colleagues.  Before BetterQA, what previous jobs did you have? My family owns a farm, so most of my free or non-school-related time...... Read More

How to properly onboard a remote software testing team on your software development project

Many companies outsource their software development projects in today’s world, where technology is advancing at light speed. Over 70% of the world’s largest companies outsource their testing work.  A large community of software testers could help your business grow by bringing valuable insights into your product development process. Naturally, ensuring a great relationship with your...... Read More

Positive & Negative Testing

The main objectives of software testing are to check and validate that the software product works as intended and to enhance the software’s quality. The two major types of software testing are functional and non-functional testing. Positive and negative testing go under functional testing.  These testing approaches have their main features and functionalities and play...... Read More

Bugs of the month: July

Software testing comes with new challenges every month QA companies must stay up-to-date with new issues as testers must thoroughly evaluate and report each bug to the developing team.  BUG #1: Emails sent limit    Project context: A software system that manually triggers an automated system email job. It sends a large number of emails to...... Read More

Testing Behind The Scenes – Digital Health Platform

The digital health industry is transforming neuroscience through digital biomarkers. These digital biomarkers are establishing a new standard for both pharmacological research and clinical practice.  This week we talk about our manual software testing services to get a closer look at the internal process of a digital health platform project.  What is a digital health...... Read More

Getting Started with Security Testing

Getting Started with Security Testing While learning about software testing, you will discover several ways of performing tests on a piece of software – for example, accessibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, regression testing, security testing, etc. Each type ensures that the software functions properly before being released to users. What is Security Testing Security...... Read More

Non Functional Tests You’re Not Running (But Probably Should!) (guest post)

It’s been a while since most companies realized that simply developing software does not guarantee success. Building successful software also means testing it to ensure quality. In this process, several non functional testing types are crucial to evaluate the software you’ve built.  If functional testing ensures that the functionalities of your product are working properly, non functional...... Read More

Tips & Tricks on time management at work

Time management is the key to working smarter and not harder, as projects can get very stressful and complicated. To this end, we decided to interview some of our colleagues on how they use time management as quality assurance testers in order to complete their tasks and carry on with their projects.  Check out their...... Read More

Employee Spotlight 08: Sonia Ștefan

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Sonia Ștefan: recruiter and marketing analyst at Better QA! Sonia joined us as a recruiter last year and has settled in as an indispensable team member! With a naturally outgoing and team-oriented personality, Sonia never finds a dull day doing interviews due to all of them ending...... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Camelia Sfîrlea

What is your role at BetterQA? I work as a Marketing Analyst. My responsibilities vary from doing Lead Generation searches to writing technical articles for junior testers and assisting with our LinkedIn. Whenever I have some time to spear, I help my colleagues from the HR department with headhunting. Before BetterQA, what previous jobs did...... Read More

Employee Spotlight 06: Alex Boda

We are back at presenting our manual testing team to you! This time, we talked to Alex Boda. With an exciting background in special wedding effects and even managing the event planning team, Alex embarked on the opportunity to switch careers to the software testing industry when one of his friends suggested our company. Find...... Read More

Testing Behind The Scenes – Smart Data Integration Project

What is a data integration platform? A data integration platform allows IT professionals to bring together data from multiple sources and provide a comprehensive, precise, and up-to-date dataset for BI, data analysis, and other applications and business processes.  A Smart Data Integration platform creates solutions customizable for each business. It is used to simplify and...... Read More

Getting Started with Selenium

If you’re at the start of your software testing journey, a beginner’s guide to Selenium could be the right step towards gaining new skills to kickstart your career.  As you gradually learn new terms such as Java and C# (object-oriented languages used in programming), you will notice the concept of automation testing – specifically Selenium...... Read More

Acceptance/ Sanity/ Smoke Testing: A QA Guide

Let’s talk about the differences between smoke testing, sanity testing, and user acceptance testing (UAT). Generally, there is some confusion surrounding the topic of smoke testing vs. sanity testing. You might also be confused about why UAT is next to them. We want to clear it all out in this article. Since all of them...... Read More

Software Testing Career Path: Switching to QA Part II

Last week, we asked our colleagues about their experiences before and after switching careers. If you’re thinking about taking the leap yourself but are hesitant, check out these other two interviews we got! From Salesman to QA Our third employee talked a bit about the difficult road from a sales position to a software tester...... Read More

Software Testing Career Path: Switching to QA Part I

People from all fields are migrating towards a career in software testing. They don’t always have IT experience, but they all share a passion for technology and want to learn more about it. Our recruiters can vouch for it. We asked our colleagues about their experiences before and after switching careers. If you’re thinking about...... Read More

Employee Spotlight 05: Rucsandra Brun

Meet the manual testing team: Rucsandra Brun We are back with another employee spotlight. This time, we are presenting another one of our manual testers: Rucsandra’s two big passions are testing and video games, so there’s no wonder she tried to have a career doing both. Before embarking on a software testing journey, she worked...... Read More

How to handle Dev-QA interactions if things don’t go according to plan

As a software tester, your main focus should be reporting issues and prioritizing customer satisfaction. However, doing it successfully depends on many factors outside of your control.  Your teams need cooperation. How to foster it? Most of the time, the testing process is directly impacted by the development team’s workflow. Many misunderstandings can pop up...... Read More

Employee Spotlights 02: Flaviu Sălăgean, QA Engineer & Talented Guitarist in his Free Time!

It’s time for another employee spotlight: let’s talk about Flaviu Sălăgean! Having a head start in tech as a UI/UX designer, Flaviu Salagean quickly became one of the most valued testers at our company. Although not in his plan originally, he is now one of the very skilled QA Engineers working at BetterQA, all because...... Read More

Employee Spotlights 01: Bianca Iancu

Walking in the Shoes of Bianca Iancu for a Day Our team is our strongest suit! It’s about time you get to know it through a new series of posts on our blog: employee spotlights! The first one to go is one of our QA Engineers, Bianca Iancu! Bianca joined us right after finishing her...... Read More

2020-in review

Despite the stress of the pandemic and project cuts, we still managed to reinvent ourselves. We found new, creative ways to obtain projects and still had time to train our resources by attending workshops and tutorials. Something we can say with certainty about 2021 is that we will continue to ensure the highest software quality...... Read More

Organizing Testers and Testing

There is an ongoing debate around organizing testers and testing. Our plan is to summarize it for you. The first half of this article will be about testing and the second about testers. Essentially, there are 3 different types of testing: Inside the project, within the development team. As an independent team providing services to...... Read More

Challenges of Mobile Application Testing?

In the mobile world, many challenges are uncommon or uncritical in desktop or server software. Testers must be aware of these challenges and how they might impact the success of the application. Typical challenges in the mobile world include: Multiple platforms and device fragmentation: Multiple OS types and versions, screen sizes, and display quality.  Hardware...... Read More

Introduction to Charles Proxy on MacOS

Charles is a fast and powerful recording tool you can use to inspect and analyze requests made from/to your computer. Providing many essential features, I’ll quickly describe below some of the main ones, including the SSL Proxying, Bandwidth Throttling, and the general overview and details of the information that is passing through the proxy server. Installation The latest...... Read More

Benefits of Test Independence Within a Project

A chef should not certify the dish they made. Developers who wrote the code should not also be testing it entirely. Businesses hire objective software testing teams for a reason; the most notable is that developers shouldn’t certify their code. If they do, that just outrightly infringes the central principle of software testing.  In this...... Read More

Practical Audio Testing

How to create audio files with different specifications One of the most basic methods to create audio files with different bit depths, sample rates, and bit rates is by converting a high-quality track to different file formats. The reason for using a high-quality track is that most audio formats are compressed. You can compress a...... Read More

Theoretical Audio Testing

Audio apps are extremely common nowadays, and they represent a significant part of our lives. To ensure an excellent user experience, their specifications need to be tested thoroughly and work flawlessly.  In this article, we’ll discuss the theoretical aspects of audio files and audio testing, creating a testing base before starting the actual process of...... Read More