Bug hunting is a relentless pursuit for every software testing company. We strive to deliver swift solutions through our QA services, and we get to find interesting bugs while doing so! 

Let’s take a look at September’s issue of Bugs of the month:

BUG #1: Shared connection issues

Project Context: A project containing two applications: a Windows app and an iOS app, which communicate with each other wirelessly (through Wi-Fi) or wired (via USB connection). 

Issue: As the apps are approaching the release phase, our testers have noticed connection issues that could hinder the official release. Although complex reproduction steps were required to discover the problems, they were necessary to avoid further costs after their release, primarily since the applications depend on each other.

The first issue relates to a Wi-Fi connection that can’t be established if the user connects another iOS device via USB to the PC. In other words, if the user has a setup for using the apps made of both iOS and PC devices, and if they connect a second iOS device to the PC, the connection between the first iOS device and the PC will malfunction. 

The solution to this issue is removing the second iOS device and restarting the application before attempting to establish a new connection. 

A second issue occurs when two iOS devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, causing the application to malfunction and receive corrupted data. When reproducing the bug, our testers noticed that disconnecting both devices and resetting the connection would fix it. 

The third issue involves interrupting a type of connection to establish a new one. If the user chooses to replace the Wi-Fi connection with a wired one via a USB cable, the sudden change in connectivity will disconnect the application. The user would have to restart the application to re-establish the connection. 

BUG #2: Missing date causes 404 Not Found

Project context: A management platform that helps users make better financial decisions when investing. Another benefit of the platform is allowing users to manage investment portfolios. 

Issue: The platform offers several ways of updating the user portfolio, either by uploading information from other supported 3rd party apps or by manually uploading a file with the user’s current assets. 

The QA team discovered the bug while testing the portfolio’s add-ups. After a file was uploaded by the user, the app created a form with all investments and details. The user could afterward select a date for investments so the price could be updated. If the API could not find a date, the Upload form would be stuck in an indefinite loop, and the price endpoint would show a 404-Not Found error. 

Other BUGs: Audio output filter and “unsupported” file extensions

Audio output filter

Project context: A music app with different filters depending on the active audio output it receives. It has filters for both BT speakers and Android devices, but there is a default filter for most BT speakers.

Issue: The testers noticed an app crash that occurred when a BT speaker with a filter is the active audio output, and the filter for that BT speaker is active while a media file is playing.

“Unsupported” file extensions

Project context: A document scanning project that separates environmental display-supported files by flagging the unsupported ones during the scan. 

Issue: For a particular extension (.mov), the unsupported filter began to malfunction as it escaped the filter, blocking the whole scan.

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