Here at BetterQA, we live and breathe technology. Founded in 2018, our team is filled with the most passionate professionals from Romania who are ready to deliver world-class digital solutions and technologies to businesses in need. Our clients are our main priority — that has always been our mantra since day one.

Today, we’re extremely excited to share the fantastic news that caps off our incredible year. Just recently, BetterQA was found on The Manifest Global Company Awards rank as one of the most reviewed and recommended IT services providers this 2023!

What is The Manifest?

For better context, The Manifest is an independent business news resource from Washington DC. The site annually holds an awards cycle to spotlight the trusted service providers who’ve established strong connections with their clients. The awardees for each category are chosen based on the number of honest testimonials and feedback they’ve collected over the past year.

BetterQA - The Most Reviewed IT Services Provider

This award reflects the unwavering trust of our clients, as well as our capabilities that helped us earn their stamp of approval.

We couldn’t have achieved such a feat without the brilliant projects they’ve entrusted us with. Thank you so much to everyone who cheered on for BetterQA! We are genuinely honored to receive this award but we’re more grateful that you consider us as your go-to partners!

With the new year approaching, we want to look ahead with full optimism and confidence. We know we can take on whatever challenges are thrown at us because we have your support.

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