Having the possibility to work from home came with a lot of flexibility – alluring at first. Still, it quickly becomes a problem once a lack of a strict schedule interferes with your productivity. Has this been the case for you?

We work from home long before the pandemic, so we know a thing or two about self-discipline. However, these tips still do the trick and keep us motivated and ready to take on the week.

This Monday, we asked our colleagues about their secret to staying on top of things, and here’s what we got: 

"How do you stay on top while you work from home?"

  • Socialize with your colleagues (even if only virtually). It may not feel the same way, but we all know what a big difference socializing makes. Cheers to all our work friends out there!

  • Have good coffee around  – even if you’re not a huge coffee drinker, caffeine has proven to be a powerful and efficient stimulant. A 2010 study at MIT showed that employees who take coffee breaks together demonstrate an overall improvement in their productivity. 

You should mix these two and have a virtual coffee with your colleagues – who knows? It might work wonders.

  • Reward yourself. Rewards are key elements in keeping up interest, not just with work – keeping a satisfying reward in mind might help you toggle down that difficult task this week!  

  • Adjust your workspace however you like it. Remember, you no longer have to work by the office’s stressful rules – if you work better in PJs while listening to your Spotify playlist, then so be it! 

In case you still need some motivation, we’ll leave you with 4 more advantages of working from your DIY office:

  • Your courier will always find you at home!
  • Meetings are easier – no conference room is needed, and your pets can join anytime! 
  • Meal prep can be easier if you don’t fall victim to all your favorite food delivery options.
  • Zero commuting – no more wasted time commuting from home to the office equals more time sleeping!


We work from home long before the pandemic, but we still need an extra push sometimes when it comes to motivation. So don’t beat yourself up too much; try to find a balance between your professional and your relaxed self. 

We hope you have a balanced and productive week and if you are interested in finding out more about remote work, feel free to schedule a meeting.

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