Despite the fact that 2020 was challenging and unpredictable, it has proven to be fruitful for many tech start-ups. We’ve seen how eager investors are to pour money into anything with the keywords ‘digital,’ ‘health,’ and ‘cloud.’ From this perspective, here are our top technology predictions for 2021. 

Top Technology Predictions for 2021

1. Digital health

Digital health will continue to be in the spotlight. With as much information as we have right now, we know the Covid vaccines will not reach everyone until the end of the year. Scientists will closely monitor the success rate and side effects throughout the process. 

In 2021, patients could play a more significant role by providing this information digitally. Centralizing such data could be extremely beneficial to researchers to continue their work and push the vaccine forward. 

Additionally, communication tools will be in high demand as non-urgent doctor visits and check-ins related to the vaccine will be online. Traditional consulting methods are not enough anymore. 

2. Cloud expansion 

More and more devices and organizations will rely on the cloud. Amazon’s CTO, Dr. Vogels, predicts that it will expand beyond its traditional role of moving data back and forth and that people from all areas and businesses of all sizes will have access to it. 

Cloud expansion will be fueled by devices with more computing power and 5G network development. Read more about Dr.Vogels’ predictions about cloud tech for space operations and how machine learning could impact agriculture and healthcare, and predict natural disasters here.

3. Remote education and remote work

There is no doubt that we relied heavily on technology this year. Zoom doubled as children’s classrooms and business meetings (and sometimes a bar). 

2020 proved that it can not only be done but that it can sometimes be the best option. Not to imply that kids shouldn’t go back to school or that we shouldn’t return to the office, but there’s no denying that learning and working remotely could serve us in future crises. 

At the very least, we’ve learned how to facilitate the process and make it more efficient with the help of technology. We’ve all seen how much time and energy it could spare, what is necessary and what isn’t.

4. Rethinking architecture and finance

While the vaccine does seem a close reality, we still have a long way to go. It will be interesting to see how cities continue to adapt to social distancing while keeping their inhabitants happy and healthy without feeling out of touch with reality.

As a financial consequence of social distancing, E-commerce is thriving, and with it, cashless transactions are on the rise. 

Online payment, also a cloud-based system, will continue to advance. Plus, neo-banks will continue to boom globally, seeing as they’ve raised $2B in venture capital this year alone. 

Fortune predicts that Bitcoin will peak at 50K in 2021 and eventually crash, as it always does. They also predict that Bitcoin will level around 20K, attract even more investors and that Bitcoin ETF will be approved. Read more of their predictions here.

5. Software revolution

Dr. Vogels believes that in 2021, we’ll see a revolution in how software is built. He sees the connection between quality software and a wave of creative ideas when designing apps. 

With that being said, our final prediction, something we can say with certainty, is that our services at BetterQA will continue to ensure the highest software quality for our clients. We’ll help test out our clients’ ideas until they meet their highest potential and expectations. 

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