We recently attended the webinar event hosted by Cypress on how to use code smells to fix flaky Cypress tests. This is where we gathered solid knowledge on how to improve our testing scripts. More specifically, we do it by avoiding a series of common mistakes, which would usually lead to <Flaky Tests>. 

As a preview, we want to share with you the concepts of 3 main code smells. They aim to categorize the most common mistakes we make in our code, as for example:

  • Unprepared Element (Symptom: an element is present but doesn’t behave the way it does in manual testing).
  • Flickering Element (Symptom: “cy.click() failed because this element is detached from the DOM,” yet the element is still visible on the page).
  • Impatient Test (Symptom: the test fails without waiting for the condition that would cause it to succeed).

If you want to learn more about how to use code smells to fix flaky Cypress tests, take a look over the webinar support. Plus, you’ll also learn how to avoid these scenarios and about proposed fixes, in case they do happen. 


You can also watch the recorded version on Youtube:

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